The Chapters – Draft

Lets see how this goes.. // INFIL : December 2006   (5 year vision thing) Taj 1.0 Dave and Ken go to jalabad ISO a rotary club sister city project, between…

The Merry

…Pranksters Who hacked the Afghan War.”   Pacific Standard Article by Brian Calvert is here. Click away…  

Logan   Flashback – Lara Logan Talks to Dr Dave @ the Taj. CBS Report:


Flashback – Unity Net Experiment. To see install gallery:


Flashback Raddatz: Journey to Bin Laden’s Old Compound


AfghanIntel_Flynn_Jan2010_code507_voicesAfghanIntel_Flynn_Jan2010_code507_voicesFlynn – Fixing Intel was a must read to many outside the wire volunteers. Click Here to read it ! Get the Doc HERE !


The Fablab came online in 2009 – the smartest bunch of humans I have ever encountered, “kids” from MIT and elsewhere that are focused.   With it, came the Fab…