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We will centralize key Tools, Needs Resources ‘n Links (TNRL) being deployed in support of Disaster Response.
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We are a humanitarian group that leads efforts in Distributed Medical Intelligence for disaster response. We have built a large network of clinical providers (in all specialties) and supporting technicians to deploy rapid response to natural and man-made disasters. We have established a web-site reachback.org, a free telemedicine cloud (compodium.com), and  clinical providers on the ground in Texas. We have the ability to coordinate virtual clinics for any group of providers, support physician filtering, and provide Tier 1 technical support for the video rooms. We anticipate providing virtual visits in shelters using our low bandwidth solutions, Ken Kraushaar runs the back end web site (reachback.org) where we can share resource documents and links on the fly.

Our past experience includes work with DoD and the UN relief agencies to use telemedicine technologies to facilitate effective humanitarian response. We coordinated medical reachback for Strong Angel and provided shadow operations for environmental and syndromic surveillance of the 2003 Super Bowl to improve surge capacity and medical response times in disasters. We led the development for the American Telemedicine Association of the prototype EMOC (Emergency Medical Operations Center) as a rapid response command center for medical emergencies and demonstrated at an international telemedicine conference.

Core Team:  Lori  Balch was formerly the Director of Telemedicine at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, and David  Balch is the former Director Telemedicine at East Carolina University.  Ken has on-the-ground experience running communication systems in truly austere environments while managing a guest house in Afghanistan.

The Vision for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response (3~6 months)

(onsite in shelters and stand alone in Operation Hope facility)

Assemble and coordinate a team that can provide medical services inside of shelters (where there are no doctors) and/or stand alone operations. This team will include remote physicians, nurses, technicians, chaplains and operations manager. Build a matrix of available specialists MDs and filter clinical teams based on availability, establish credentialing process, build database/spreadsheet. Initial focus is on physicians in triage, primary care, and mental health. Build lite forms to document patient encounters. Establish virtual clinical rooms in needed disciplines with online scheduling. Create an event log that integrates with the scheduler. Provide access to pharmacist/resources for Rx questions, concerns, and delivery of meds to shelters. Build interface to EOC to provide access to FEMA and other relief agencies. Provide full time operations manager and Tier 1 support. Tier 2 support goes back to providing partners and tech providers. Build and manage website to host and update contact lists, clinical provider lists, SOP’s for accessing and using virtual rooms, etc. Purchase and provide tablets and rolling stands to each field ops sites. Purchase and provide hotspots with prepaid bandwidth to each field site. Coordinate installation and training for each field ops site. Setup Zello channels for onsite coordinate and direct communication to EOC and Reachback operations manager.


May 9th update – Kilauea

Explosive eruptions could occur if the lava lake in Kilauea’s crater continues to fall to the level of groundwater. https://www.yahoo.com/news/hawaiis-kilauea-volcano-could-see-explosive-eruptions-u-184323773.html



Dave Balch – telemedicine@reachback.org


on zello reachback channel:  call for telemedicine

Ken Kraushaar Info – info@reachback.org