The Merry

…Pranksters Who hacked the Afghan War.”   Pacific Standard Article by Brian Calvert is here. Click away…  

Logan   Flashback – Lara Logan Talks to Dr Dave @ the Taj. CBS Report:


Flashback – Unity Net Experiment. To see install gallery:


Flashback Raddatz: Journey to Bin Laden’s Old Compound


AfghanIntel_Flynn_Jan2010_code507_voicesAfghanIntel_Flynn_Jan2010_code507_voicesFlynn – Fixing Intel was a must read to many outside the wire volunteers. Click Here to read it ! Get the Doc HERE !


The Fablab came online in 2009 – the smartest bunch of humans I have ever encountered, “kids” from MIT and elsewhere that are focused.   With it, came the Fab…


Our Fary God Mother… Fary Gets an Award.


Peretz came to Afghanistan and made an incredible difference !  Click here for some of his story and some stunning images.   Basket Ball Diaries – Afghanistan.      …

Surge Nerds

2009 Wired Article on the Surge of Nerds…